Saturday, September 5, 2009

2009 - 240 Months and still going strong

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Monday, March 2, 2009

2009 and it's challenges beyond

2009 has come in with its string of opportunities and woes. In spite of all the gloom and doom the media is continuously portraying - there is still hope and salvation for those who have constantly strived to create opportunities.

Gloom and doom is a very negative feeling that a situation is bad and is not likely to improve. This cannot be said of the challenging year we are facing today, but on the other hand, there is sufficient proof around us, where the companies who took appropriate and corrective action has not seen any downsizing of staff and or cutting back on any operation. In fact they have taken the advantage of the current financial situation to search and identify new business ventures and opportunities to diversify and consolidate their market share and position.

Recession can be best described as a period of general economic decline or downturn; specifically, a decline in GDP of a country for one or more consecutive quarter, and on the same breath please allow me to say that a recession for some can be a blessing in disguise for the other. However it is prudent that all the employees of any company unite in the thought process, and shoulder the weight of moving the organization forward. Each and every employee of the company must come forward with their suggestions no matter how negligible or trivial, on fine tuning the internal process which will lead to success.

This itself is the proof, and the need of the hour. We MUST re-organize ourselves by evaluating our business processes and fine tune our procedures to attain operational efficiency. That alone will manifest and propel us towards an era filled with opportunity, which we should capitalize and act upon.

Please feel free to blog on this website, whatever you want, even vent your frustration and anger, with or without your name (you can blog as Anonymous if you feel so), however insignificant it may be, for it may see the light of the day and someone will write to correct and or console you. But on the other hand, if you can throw in your contribution of positive thoughts on how one should play a definitive role in lifting the company where they work, this will be great – and it will help us all in surviving these challenging times.

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Best of Luck.