Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 as it is slipping past

As I write this last post of 2011, there is exactly 6 hours left before we user in the brand New Year of 2012 and all it's promises. Having mortgaged our existence and future to the reliable hands of "our" politicians who not only brought the planet into an unending turmoil but also managed to dig the Mother Earth into a recession so deep it will take more than a couple of generations to come out, we are still hopeful people. All the tarot card, Chinese astrology and whatever you find on the web, will tell one about the great year ahead. Yes, we are hopeful and positive people, who belongs to the "glass half full" culture.

In spite of all the pitfalls and negative air we went though in 2011, we are going to look forward to a year of furthering our education, learning the meaning of life as it is supposed to be, getting smarter and forward thinking. Yes, we are going to look forward to a better understanding of our own career and see where it is leading to, and making necessary course alterations to arrive at our destination, our only goal. We are going to be better managers of our family, showing more respect and understanding, and bringing more goodwill to all those around us. We are going to be a better investor for our time and money, making wiser decisions that will only bring more stability, peace and tranquil to our otherwise troubled existence. We are going to walk the extra mile for the benefit of the poor and downtrodden and in turn be healthy wealthy and wise. We will channel more energy in search of inner peace, love, respect, understanding and personal development.

I am wishing everyone a great year... a year that will be as good as you plan and work on it. A year that will be like all the rest, but the difference will be how you make it, and thus it will be the fruit of your loom.