Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 - a slow start

I have been thinking of writing this blog for a long time. In fact I wanted to start preparing for this even before the new year dawned. However, all the happenings around both at home and work, threw my schedule way out of reality and here I am in the month of February finally trying to write something. Now that I have decided to write, I am just doing that, not even knowing what I should be writing.

The few things on the agenda for the year is, to lookout and locate an appropriate Master's in Operations Management, plan for slowly moving out to a better location, meaning a better neighbourhood, and finally starting to prepare for my eventual return to my homeland. Having left my country in 1983, it's about time to hang up the oars and return home to sit by the fire for a while...

That begs the question - if I am going home to sit by the fire, then why bother about doing the Masters ??

I must be out of my mind......

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