Friday, April 2, 2010

iPad, the myth

Once in a while every company gets a shot at sitting on the virtual throne of accomplishment and the public at large will wave it's flag and join the parade. I can sense a mammoth rally following the iPad in the media these days, raising a storm. However it is interesting to see the post launch reviews and the comments one year down the line. I haven’t touched an Apple product (not even the iPhone) and I wouldn’t know of this much hyped golden experience as I sit on the fence asking myself when I should make the jump or is it worth moving over to the Mac Experience. However with Apple offering the iPad and the convergence of various daily chores on a slim line machine is forcing me to follow all the action on the net.

It’s easy to write off a product on launch which is mostly based on known prejudices and the possible jealousy factor. However should the machine gather even 20% attention in the media, and then you can start to smell victory in its own domain. The iPad for sure has got more coverage in various media and from the word go become the head turner since it was launched. You can’t just ignore this beauty on the catwalk even if she’s wearing a max-ipad! Technically there might be some spec deficiencies in this product, but that does not outweigh the wow factor at this stage, and a company like Apple which is known for bringing out revolutionary products itself will be the guarantee factor for this product.

Time will really tell if this gizmo will really go mainstream computing, and should anyone ask me, my bet will be based on various analysis that is available on the net, and I would go with Apple selling around 10 to 15 million units in 2010/2011. That itself will be a huge WOW factor for Steve Jobs especially in these challenging time.

Steve you just taught the world a new lesion, and I will salute you for this, still I will go with the adage, time will tell.

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  1. I am revisiting this site after a whole month after we all wrote our initial comments. Having passed the million mark, Jobs raked in half a billion $$$ based on the lowest configuration. It is yet to be launched in Europe - and most of the Appstores have sold out their stock. The only availability is online.

    After europe will come Asia, and there is no mention of South America!!

    Hence irrespective of the usage, usability and/or any other factor that might make it uncomfortable - the gear has made an entry into the world of Gizmo with a bang.

    Future projections by analysts are truly amazing. In spite of the President bad mouthing it (he should not have mentioned the name of the product / company even though he did have a valid point) the sellability of the gear has not come down....

    It's simply that Apple under the leadership of jobs is still capable of pulling off the carpet from under your feet.